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Banon - The place to discover Provence

Banon is a medievil hilltop village centrally located in Provence between the Lure and Ventoux mountains and between the Luberon National Park and the Verdon National Park - two of the most beautiful parks in France. Banon is authentic Provence in every way and is the perfect destination for food lovers, outdoor activities and landscape artists who value its natural and beautiful character. The village is a symphony of bright colours with expanses of lavender, poppy and wheat fields that fill the air with the unmistakable scents of Provence.

A view to Banon across the poppy and lavender fields

The colours can be breathtaking

Historic Village

Banon village life is centered around its main square where fortified medievil walls rise up to greet you. Take a walk through the ancient winding streets passing classified gateways, sculptured lintels and ornate doors. At the summit you will be greeted by the ancient church St-Marc and a view down the banon valley across to the mountains that is breathtaking.

Top Left: Banon fortified gate
Top Right : Village Wall from market square
Bottom Left : 13th Century Church in Valley
Bottom Right : Alleys and Doorways

Banon Cheese

Banon is famous for its tasty goats cheese which is presented wrapped in dried chestnut leaves and tied with a raffia ribbon. Its is perfectly matched with a good red wine and wonderful on regional speciality salads. People travel from all over France for the banon cheese festival in May and once you try this wonderful cheese you will forever yearn to return to Banon.

The Services

Villa Emmanuelle is located about 1 kilometre from the village centre - about a 10 minute walk or two minute drive. The village has all the major services you could require including a number of doctors -one that can speak English, a pharmacy, a bank with ATM, bakeries, three Cafes, two restaurants, a general store for all foods, a large (and famous) bookstore, butcher, sausage shop and gourmet food, florist, DVD/Video hire store, small art gallery, hairdresser, car workshop, petrol filling centre, newsagent, post office and tourist office.

In Banon there is always life in the Village Plaza - a fantastic way to meet the locals.

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